DIVA and Vox Tactum

Vox Tactum!


iPhone choir! Performing Intertwine by Aura Pon.  I’m the tenor voice here. Ryan Noakes is bass, Johnty Wang is alto, and Martin Ritter is soprano.


The Digital Ventriloquized Actor

From 2010-2011, I was involved as a performer for the Digital Ventriloquized Actor (DIVA) project at UBC. Here’s a video of me demonstrating how the system works:

This was a really difficult and fun instrument to learn. The glove has built-in sensors to track different finger movements and uses a magnetic field to track the hand’s position in 3-dimensional space. A battery pack is strapped to my upperarm. I use either a footswitch or a volume pedal to trigger sound.

Here’s a video of three DIVA’s (Marguerite Witvoet, Erica Anderson, and myself) performing Michael?: