The AVAST Project:

From May to September 2012, I was a member of the Arts Visual Audio Sensing Technologies Project at UBC. Paige Armstrong, Megan Graf, Paul Bucci, and I worked together to create three different interactive art installations at UBC. I’ve included a few pictures and video clips of the installations. For more info about the project (videos, pictures, blog posts) check out the AVAST project blog here:


Study for an Ethereal Delight

Here’s a video by Paul Bucci:

The flock of LED “birds” fly around above any observers. If someone makes a sudden movement, the flock will scatter.

Here’s a video of me testing the flocking algorithm on an LED matrix, built by Paul Bucci:


Study for an Ethereal Delight part 2

While part 1 was entirely visual, part 2 was entirely aural. We hid 8 speakers around the edges of the ceiling in the music building lobby. As people walked around the lobby, sounds began to follow them. The specific type of sound they heard (water, birds or bees) depended on which direction they walked. We used motion tracking and gesture following code to track walking patterns, flocking algorithms to spatialize the sounds, and granular synthesis modules to playback the sounds. Here’s a screenshot of the max patch:

Study for an Ethereal Delight

Here’s a short example of the sounds we used: Sounds



A speaker box with 16 speakers, hangs against one wall. Each speaker is capable of playing one note from the harmonic series, which is triggered when someone moves into the space in front of the speaker. On the opposing wall, a projector displays a coloured rectangle. The rectangle will follow anyone walking near it. The position of the projected rectangle on one wall changes the timbre of the notes coming from the speakers on the other wall, while the specific speaker being triggered changes the colour of the projected rectangle.

interference3 interference1 interference2